Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello Again!!

I guess it is time for an update!! It has been almost a year since we posted. We have had a good year!! Emaline turned nine, graduated from the elementary and moved up to the intermediate school, and danced in her last dance recital. She continues to progress in piano and sing in the choir. She has also moved up to the tween group at church, Step-Up!! She is on the science team at school! They practice each week and will compete in two big competitions next semester! Emaline's kitten, Midnight, is all grown up. Sadly, we lost Linus to kidney disease just a couple of months ago. It is still hard to get used to his absence after 14 years!! We have traveled a bit this year. We have been to Gatlinburg, Key West, Boca Raton, and Washington D. C. I have transferred back to Shelby County schools and have been teaching at our local high school this year, so I am less than a mile from Emaline's school each day. We are happy and quite busy. The holiday season has snuck up on us!! Harry the elf and his little friend Snowflake showed up a few days ago. I am sure that we are in for some fun times this season!! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!

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B said...

Hey Zandra! Great to see you guys the other day. Just noticed that you'd stopped by Ramble On (And On) a couple of months ago. I am not really posting there anymore or at least I haven't in months and months, but I do post at with a little regularity. Nothing exciting, just my cookie decorating hobby.