Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good people

Do you wonder whether or not there are good people anymore? You hear of the horrible things that people do every day. Do you ever hear of the good things? I mean the really good things. Do you wonder if anyone would help you if you were 79 years old and had a blow out on I-65S. Well, my Papaw had a chance to find out a couple months ago.

Papaw decided it was time to go and visit his sisters in north Alabama. He lives in Columbus, Georgia. Being from an older generation, he did not take his cell phone with him. On his way home, he indeed had a blow out on I-65S near Pelham. After sitting in the truck for a while trying to decide what to do, he decided to get out and try to walk to the nearest exit. Luckily, a young lady saw him and decided that she would pull over and check on him. She offered her cell phone and the two of them tried to find help. He had no phone numbers with him and could not remember any useful ones. They thought they had found a wrecker service, but no one ever showed up. It is, after all, late Saturday afternoon. This young woman, a restaurant inspector, doesn't normally work on Saturdays either. Papaw insisted that God sent her to him that day!

This young woman, Tracy, stayed with Papaw for almost two hours that Saturday afternoon. When no feasible help showed up, she drove him to the nearest exit. This is when the next good person showed up! They drove into Med Center Mazda and found a man who was more than glad to help. The service manager sent a service man and a service truck to follow Papaw and Tracy back to the truck. The service man changed the tire and refused payment.

Papaw could finally continue his trek home. Tracy cared enough about him to follow him the next few miles down the interstate to make sure he was okay. He made it home safely a few hours later.

Papaw gave me the mission to find Tracy so that he could call her and thank her. I finally found her today! She sounds like a wonderful person! I wanted to tell her thank you and let her know just how much her kindness meant to our family.

There are definitely still good people in this world, right here, in Birmingham!!

Monday, March 17, 2008


We will see if we can handle a blog!! The real excitement in this family lies in the hands of a four-year-old girl. Is there anything to share in a blog? We shall see.