Monday, July 21, 2008

Good News!!

I accepted a job today with Oak Mountain Middle School!! I will be teaching 7th grade literature and 7th grade gifted literature. I have agreed to pursue a second master's degree in gifted education. And so... the adventure continues!! I start teacher orientation on July 30th. I am so grateful for this opportunity!! Oak Mountain has a wonderful school system!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Youth Camp 2008- Daytona

Youth Camp-2008

We returned from Daytona last night. We helped chaperone our youth group for their Beach Retreat at Daytona Beach. Emaline had an awesome time and became somewhat of a mascot. She has been so spoiled all week!! There was ALWAYS someone playing with her, holding her, or carrying her around. I think she enjoyed the trip more than anyone!! Our youth group is awesome!!! I am so proud of them!!! They were so well behaved, polite, and just plain good!!! Many people we associated with commented on how polite they were!! We have the very BEST youth group!!! We are so honored to serve with the youth team!!!