Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Busy December
The Elf is not the only active being in the house!! Emaline has kept us running!! She played in the piano recital, sang in the choir concert, and danced in the Christmas Showcase. All of this in the past couple of weeks!! We are so proud of her!! She played "Ave Maria" like a pro, sang her first solo, and danced short notice. We think Harry's little friend, Ginger, is really cute!! We are really enjoying the season!! Today was our first day of Christmas break!! Whewwww!! We are ready to play for a few days!!

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StitchenTigger said...

Y'all have been busy. Glad to see Harry & Snowflake are behaving (sorta). But the refrigerator -- guess it was too warm in Alabama and he wanted something more like the North Pole.

Congrats to Emaline on all her performances. Maybe she would be willing to play for Aunt Sharon and I in January?

grandma karen