Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitties and Barbies

Of course Emaline has been playing with the kitties!! They cuddle and play together a little every day!! Emaline has been playing with her Barbies quite a bit lately. She has tons of clothes and accessories for her dolls. She surprised me today when showing me her favorite Barbie dress. It is a long gold and black evening gown. I can't describe the feeling of seeing her doll in that dress! I told her that it is a very special custom couture gown designed by Vicki Bacon!! Vicki made tons of clothes for my Barbies many years ago! They are beautiful and extremely well made!! They still look new thirty years after their design and fabrication!! It means so much to see Emaline enjoying them as much as I did!! Thanks Vicki!!


StitchenTigger said...

love all the photos. Unfortunately none of my Barbies survived the 2nd generation, but they all were very .... loved? :) Cuddley Kitties too - Tigger Joe sends purrs to both Linus and Mischief umm I mean Midnight!

Vicki said...

So proud all of the clothes survived the years! Such a blessing to see another generation enjoying my handiwork--they were all created with much love! Thanks for sharing the blog Zandra!